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Royal Palm

The royal palm tree is perfect for giving your yard that little slice of paradise It is one of the most prestigious looking and most recognizable of all the palms in the world.


Size & Price Details

Age Price Weight Dimensions
48 Months ₹7799.00 1 kg  21 × 21 cm
Age Price Weight Dimensions
60 Months ₹1949.00 1 kg  25 × 25 cm
Age Price Weight Dimensions
72 Months ₹4549.00 1 kg  30 × 30 cm

Royal palm has large and attractive palm, it has been planted throughout the tropics and subtropics as an ornamental tree. The trunk is stout, very smooth and grey-white in color with a characteristic bulge below a distinctive green crownshaft.

They are green when immature, turning red and eventually purplish-black as they mature. They are often chosen by tropical resorts, hotels, and communities to line the streets and driveways because their roots won’t break through roads or sidewalks.