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Cassia Javanica

The Cassias, with their lovely cool shades of pinks, green line the boulevards of many tropical cities; and when you see one in full flower for the first time, you have to ask, How hardy is a cassia tree and can I take one home?

Size & Price Details

Age Price Weight Dimensions
48 Months ₹779.00 1 kg  21 × 21 cm
Age Price Weight Dimensions
18 Months ₹329.00 1 kg 15 × 16 cm

Cassia tree care requires very little, but that little is important. Once your seed has germinated and has about six leaves, its time to decide where your tree will be growing. Cassia trees need full sun to flower and produce the most colorful blossoms.

Medicinal Use : It is used medicinally for treating constipation, colic, chlorosis and urinary disorders.Its leaves are effective against herpes simplex and the bark of Cassia is one of the ingredients in ayurvedic and other traditional medicine antidiabetic formulations.